Lillian | Antonio Juan™



Brand: Antonio Juan
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Size: 17″ (43 cm)
Made in: Spain
Comes with: Outfit, Pillow

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Antonio Juan Lillian is an attractive 17″ (43 cm) baby doll created by the Spanish company Antonio Juan. Lillian is a very popular Antonio Juan baby girl doll. Made of the lovely soft to touch skin which is phthalate free. She is 17” with a soft cuddle body and full limbs which are posable and fun to play. Lillian is dressed in a signature Antonio Juan designed outfit of a attractive three piece baby jersey with red spotted trimmed fabric top and pants with matching hat. Also traditional knitted bootees with Pom poms . This Antonio Juan Lillian baby will also arrived with her matching pillow for her to rest her sleepy head and little comforter too. Night night Lillian.

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