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Arianna โ‹… Reborn Toddler


Brand:ย Mary Shortle
Body:ย Soft Bodied
Size: 28โ€ณ (71 cm)
Made in: England
Comes with:ย Outfit (can vary)

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This item: Arianna โ‹… Reborn Toddler
Standard Magnetic Dummy & Clip
Bashful Pink Bunny Medium Jellycat Teddy Mary Shortle
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Arianna โ‹… Reborn Toddler

Are you bored with your tiny reborn and are looking for something bigger? Why don’t you consider Arianna, our beautiful reborn toddler which is over 28 inches! So BIG! The outfit can vary.

The Toddler Arianna is a very special baby, this fine reborn baby is a work of art. Handmade and created with love, the dolls look just like real babies. She is truly stunning baby, with beautiful asleep expression and sweet lips. She is hand painted for the perfect skin tone, rooted hair and withย  amazing detail and perfect fingernails. A weighted soft body. We know that the arrival of your baby is a very special event.

Would make an amazing addition to any family or collector, these babies are often used in TV & filming.


Mary Shortle

Dimensions 71 cm

Mary Shortle


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