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Bluebell ⋅ Marina and Pau


Brand: Marina and Pau
Body: Soft Bodied
Size: 17″ (45 cm)
Made in: Spain



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Bluebell ⋅ Marina and Pau

Sweet baby Doll is just like a real baby! This quality infant doll is hand made in Spain with the utmost care and attention to detail. She has vinyl limbs, soft body and extremely realistic adorable open eyes without hair (if you were looking for a baby with painted or moulded hair we do have a great collection of babies), in addition, the outfits this dolly is wearing is individually hand-crafted by the seamstress.





Marina & Pau

Toys are made to play, entertain, and learn. Marina & Pau work with these principles, seeking the essence, the true ORIGIN. Therefore their symbol is the Dandelion. The flower whose seeds we have all blown and seen fly. The one where fairies and elves reside. A flower that represents happiness and harmony, innocence and nostalgia. The one that reminds us of what we want and where we want to go.


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