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Brody ⋅ Berenguer


Brand: Berenguer
Body: Hard Bodied
Size: 15″ (38cm)
Made in: Spain
Comes with: Diaper & Hospital ID Bracelet

You receive: 200 Dolly Points (£2.00)

Brody | Berenguer®

Brody baby doll is attired in a very realistic hospital ID bracelet, an adorable, reusable blue diaper as well as a belly button gauze. You are sure to appreciate the high-quality design of this doll, and your child will love how precious he is! This all-vinyl doll features an anatomically correct design that helps your child learn about what real babies are like. This baby also has a movable head, arms and legs, so you can position him in a number of ways! Adorable baby outfits also available.

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