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Life-Size Animated Emperor Penguin Doting ⋅ Hansa


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Brand: Hansa
Size: 39″ (98cm)

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Life-Size Animated Emperor Penguin Doting | Hansa®

This is an adorable Animated Emperor Penguin with its chick, their moving heads are thanks to Hansatronics, which provides animated movement to this lifelike soft toy.
The adult penguin is 98cm tall, both have internal frameworks and are made by the creators of realism – Hansa.
The adult is made using wonderful velvety smooth black and white plush while its characteristic neck markings are hand applied by airbrushing.
The cute chick is made from a soft and fluffy grey plush for its body with velvety smooth grey wings and velvety blackhead.
Surface wipeable.

Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy



Dimensions 98 cm



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