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Lucky Bobby: Dress Code ⋅ Lucky Doggy™


Brand: Lucky Doggy (Orange Toys)
Size: 25cm
Material: Artificial fur, knitwear
Care: Handwash, 30°, do not: bleach, iron or tumble dry
Made in: Russia

You receive: 156 Dolly Points (£1.56)

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Lucky Bobby: Dress Code | Lucky Doggy™

There was a time when Lucky Bobby thought that “dress code” sounded exactly like “trained cat” and meant the same thing. Go figure. Now, having grown up, he understands the difference and knows that it has something to do with clothes. First, though, Lucky Bobby thought that it meant some boring clothes that you have to wear to work. But he found out that “dress code” could be anything from sports outfits in the gym to swimming suits on the beach, including a very funny sumo wrestler costume if you are going to a fun party. In any case, there are many options to choose from and Lucky Bobby got so involved in it that enjoys thinking about what to wear to what event and when. He will definitely be wearing an elegant suit when he goes to the Bolshoi Theater with Luck Dolly. That piece could be worn to a restaurant as well, however Lucky Bobby will probably go with something different. The more suits, the better!

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Dimensions 25 cm

Orange Toys


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