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Margarete Steiff GmbH is one of the worldโ€™s best-known soft toy manufacturers and has been a byword for top quality, tested safety, perfect design and first-class materials for over 135 years.
Her belief that โ€œOnly the best is good enough for childrenโ€ is their company philosophy and shapes both their work and every toy that leaves their production.

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  • Lilly Teddy Bear โ‹… Retired Steiff

  • Kim โ‹… Steiff

  • Soft Cuddly Friends Brownie Monkey โ‹… Steiff

  • Mohair Teddy Bear Fynn โ‹… Retired Steiff

  • Sweet Dreams Lamb โ‹… Steiff

  • Emilia โ‹… Steiff

  • Lotte โ‹… Steiff

  • Soft Cuddly Friends Belly Rabbit โ‹… Steiff

  • Scotty Monkey โ‹… Steiff

  • Theo โ‹… Steiff

  • Soft Cuddly Friends Candy Rabbit โ‹… Steiff

  • Classic Linda โ‹… Steiff

  • Luca โ‹… Steiff

  • Charly Dangling Teddy Bear in Suitcase โ‹… Steiff

  • Paddington Bear โ‹… Steiff